Equine services include:

  • Lameness – Digital radiography, ultrasound,  and acupressure.  Complete lameness evaluation from the ground up.
  • Reproductive – Stallion collection, cooling and shipping semen, breeding live cover, breeding with cooled or frozen semen, embryo collection and transfer, ultrasound, biopsy, culture, uterine flushing, and treatment to increase fertility.
  • Dentistry – We keep your horse comfortable in padded stocks while we correct dental problems with a combination power float and various hand floats.
  • Surgery – We perform a variety of surgical procedures and acute trauma repairs.  We have an equine surgery suite along with a padded knockdown and recovery room.
  • Other Services – Endoscopy, vaccinations, worming, colic treatment, feed (ADM and Woody’s), supplements, Platinum products, pain management, joint health, and gastro intestinal health.


Also we have indoor and outdoor stabling available.